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4 years ago
The Case For Drinking Coffee Is Stronger Than Ever
4 years ago
Latte levy alone won't work to cut disposable coffee cups, says UK recycling chief
4 years ago
NextCupCycle has the solution for disposable coffee cups. Disposable coffee cups:How big a problem are they for the environment?
4 years ago
@NextCupCyle @ashortwalk and @simplycups already have the solution. A reusable cup made from coffee cups. 'Entrepreneurs and startup whizz-kids should take note of the business opportunity in the latte levy
4 years ago
Check out @NextCupCycle who are recycling paper cups into everyday products. Britain Considers a ‘Latte Levy’ to Cut the Use of Coffee Cups

About Us - NextCupCycle
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About Us

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logo on a coffee cup

Our Philosophy

NextCupCycle recycles the millions of coffee cups that are put on the market every year. Primarily NextCupCycle focuses on coffee cups but can extend to other complex paper plastic waste streams. Please contact us.


NextCupCycle manufactures everyday products from complex waste streams such as paper plastic laminates. NextCupCycle has been developed after years of research on paper plastic composites with specifically designed resins and formulations to meet a variety of property requirements.

The launch material for NextCupCycle resin is based on coffee cups that do not have an end of life option. Millions of takeaway paper coffee cups are sent to landfill because until now an end of life solution has not been possible.

Companies NextCupCycle work with to produce the full circular solution:
– Ashortwalk can supply a range of product solutions for your company.
– Simply Cups can collect your waste stream starting the circular approach.

A recent survey asked consumers about coffee cup recycling. 61% of consumers said they look to recycle their cup but it is not easy in the current environment. 88% of consumers said recycling should be consumer friendly. This is where NextCupCycle and their team provide a solution. Just 43% of consumers could answer if coffee cups are recycled. 100% of the public loved to see the products that NextCupCycle resin produced and would love to see more of this.
Please contact us regarding your waste enquiries and recycle your coffee cups.

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nextcupcycle resin
NextCupCycle resin

NextCupCycle resin is available for your product needs. Please let us know what products you have and we can recommend the right grade for you.

The resin uses fully recycled materials. Please check out the datasheet tab.  Please choose from extrusion and moulding grades.

PPC products
NextCupCycle products

Please see the gallery for a range of products that have already been manufactured. We can provide table tops with various thicknesses as well as a range of in store products such as trays, napkin dispensers and signage.

NextCupCycle consultancy

Contact us regarding your difficult to recycle products and we will arrange some time to discuss your recycling options and whether you can recycle your complex wastes and reuse them as products to become circular within your own business.


Meet Our Team

NextCupCycle is run by a team of scientists led by Professor Edward Kosior.

Several years of research has enabled fundamental understanding of the NextCupCycle resin in terms of processing and performance.

ed kosior
Prof. Edward Kosior

Managing Director

kelvin davies
Kelvin Davies

Australasian Product Manager

jon mitchell
Dr Jon Mitchell

Project Manager


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