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3 years ago
The Case For Drinking Coffee Is Stronger Than Ever
3 years ago
Latte levy alone won't work to cut disposable coffee cups, says UK recycling chief
3 years ago
NextCupCycle has the solution for disposable coffee cups. Disposable coffee cups:How big a problem are they for the environment?
3 years ago
@NextCupCyle @ashortwalk and @simplycups already have the solution. A reusable cup made from coffee cups. 'Entrepreneurs and startup whizz-kids should take note of the business opportunity in the latte levy
3 years ago
Check out @NextCupCycle who are recycling paper cups into everyday products. Britain Considers a ‘Latte Levy’ to Cut the Use of Coffee Cups

Table top accessories - NextCupCycle
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Table top accessories

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We can make your table top accessories from recycled coffee cups including; trays, napkin dispensers, coasters and many more. Please get in touch and we will be happy to help.tray from coffee cupsPPC products